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Sponsor a Child Today

Give hope and a future to a child for just $35/month.

When you donate, you’re stopping the cycle of poverty in its tracks. Each child deserves access to the essentials of everyday life, no matter where they were born or what situation they were born into. Be a light and change the life and legacy of a child today.
Angel's parents were both HIV+. Her father passed away in 2007 and her mother in 2009, leaving this little girl alone and frightened at the age of...
DOB: 01/01/2005
Deborah lived with her widowed mother and 4 siblings in a extreme poverty. She is now boarding at school and is blossoming into a young woman. She...
DOB: 06/26/2004
Jovia is an orphan and in her last year of High School. She boards at school during the school year. When she is not in school, she stays with her...
DOB: 07/17/2001
Faith is a sweet girl who guards her emotions out of fear. Faith's father recently passed away. His passing had a significant impact on her. She is...
DOB: 05/06/2006
Shamilah is in her 3rd year of High School and is an excellent student. She dreams of going to University and becoming a doctor. She enjoys singing...
DOB: 01/01/2003
Julius was abandoned by his father when he was young along with his 3 younger siblings. When he was found, his mother was sick with the HIV virus...
DOB: 06/06/2003
Fabian was abandoned by his father and lives with his single mother who struggles to support her family by washing clothes. She earns so little...
DOB: 10/30/2013
Christine is an HIV+ girl living with her grandmother until she started boarding at school. She was behind in school because of her illness,...
DOB: 11/18/2000
Moses lived with his HIV+ mother and three siblings in extreme poverty. His father passed away several years ago and his mother passed away in 2019...
DOB: 11/09/2000
Sweet little Prossy lives with her father and sickly grandmother. Her mother abandoned the family and her father has a mental illness that doesn't...
DOB: 01/01/2019