Donela Orange schools' mission is to provide godly, quality and affordable education that will equip this generation to transform thier community and nation of Uganda.

Donela Orange Nursery & Primary Schools provide a quality education for children in Uganda from Baby Class (preschool) to Primary 7 (8th grade). Donela Orange Bombo provides education up to Senior 4 (12th Grade).

The History of Donela Orange Schools

Align International began by focusing its efforts on finding sponsors for children in Uganda who needed food, clean water, medical care and school tuition. Shortly after securing sponsors for a large number of children, we discovered the lack of quality schools available for the children to attend. In several cases, schools were withholding meals that were paid for and failing to equip students with the knowledge necessary to move to higher grades.

If we were going to give children the tools needed to rise above poverty, it was imperative we find a way to give children a quality education. After much prayer, we partnered with Bombo Pentecostal Church to raise the money to build a school campus for children under sponsorship and within our church partner communities.

After building a Donela School campus in Bombo, Uganda, we were able to build two more campuses in surrounding villages. We are proud to report that all the schools are valued for the Christian education they provide and the foundation of faith they instill in their students. They are also known for their unique curriculum in English and reading called “Zoo-phonics”. This multi-sensory language arts program was brought to the attention of the Donela schools by an Align supporter.

  • As of today – apart from those needing specialized schooling - every child under Life With Hope Sponsorship between grades Baby Class to Primary 7 attends one of the three Donela School campuses! Additionally, there are nearly 900 children from the local communities who are benefitting from the quality, Godly education Donela provides. At this time all three Donela School campuses are fully operated by staff in Uganda and almost entirely funded by tuition from children within the communities of each campus.

At the end of grade Primary 7, each student is required to pass a National Exam to move onto the next grade. 100% of the 37 Donela students who sat for the most recent exam passed!


Donela Orange Bombo was established in 2008 with just fifteen students. Today the campus provides schooling for almost 600! Due to its reputation and success, the Headteacher was appointed by the local mayor to serve as the chairperson for all the private schools in the district of Luweero, an appointment which continues to this day. The school is also recognized for student success in the Primary Living Examinations, the nationwide testing given to all students to advance into Primary 7.

The current headteacher of Donela Orange Bombo is Ms. Cecilia Asenkenye, a single mother of two. Ms. Asenkenye has been active at the school for many years, thanks in part to a scholarship provided by Peninsula Community Church in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. She joined Donela as a SST teacher, rose to a class teacher, promoted to the Dean of upper primary section, then to deputy Headteacher, ultimately becoming the Headteacher in 2018. She is also a great asset to the Bombo Pentecostal Church Ministries. We are blessed to have her in leadership in Bombo!


Donela Orange Kakooge was established in 2010 and currently educates approximately 140 students. The previous Headteacher in Bombo, Mr. Ivan Sekibaala, now serves as Headteacher in Kakooge. He also received a scholarship through Peninsula Community Church and obtained his Basic Agriculture Degree. Mr. Sebikaala has excellent administrative skills, and he played a major role in making Donela Orange the best primary school in Bombo. We are excited to watch him bring the same success to the school in Kakooge. He also serves as a leader in many ministries in Bombo Pentecostal Church. Mr. Sekibaala was recently married to the Warden of the Life Home Village in Bombo, Ms. Diana.


Our newest campus, Donela Orange Wobulenzi, found its humble beginning in a garage in 2009. The school has since moved into school buildings that finished construction in 2016. The school now educates close to 300 students each year. Mr. Cesar Olap has served as the Headteacher since the school’s inception, and he has grown it to be a renowned primary school in Wobulenzi, even before the school had its own buildings! Mr. Olap has a degree in Fine Art Double Main with education.  In fact, he did all the fine art pictures for the school at Donela Orange Bombo in 2008. He is happily married to one of the teachers at the school, and is a proud father of two boys and one girl all under the age of five. Mr. Olap also serves as a major leader at Wobulenzi Pentecostal Church, heavily involved in the children's and music ministries.