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Sponsorship Program

Invest in a Child’s Future

Give Hope and a Future

Be a part of Align International’s life-changing ministry by giving hope to a child for just $35/month.

How it Works

We partner with local churches in impoverished areas throughout Uganda to identify at-risk children.  Some live in a safe, caring environment with access to quality schools. However, their BASIC NEEDS  like food, clean water, healthcare, and school tuition are not met. Others come from broken or abusive homes, are orphaned, or don't have access to a quality education. In addition to basic needs, they require SHELTER  which includes a new living situation with a loving caregiver.

$35/month provides a child with basic needs or shelter.
$70/month provides a child with basic needs and shelter.
Julius was abandoned by his father when he was young along with his 3 younger siblings. When he was found, his mother was sick with the HIV virus...
DOB: 06/06/2003
Angel's parents were both HIV+. Her father passed away in 2007 and her mother in 2009, leaving this little girl alone and frightened at the age of...
DOB: 01/01/2005
Moses lived with his HIV+ mother and three siblings in extreme poverty. His father passed away several years ago and his mother passed away in 2019...
DOB: 11/09/2000
See a day in the life of a family of four children under the care of the two oldest siblings who became parents when they lost their mother and were abandoned by their father. With support from donors, these children have found an opportunity for a whole new life!

A Bright Future

Once you sponsor a child, our partner church steps in to ensure the child is provided with physical, medical, emotional, and spiritual care. Children are enrolled in school, putting them on the path to self-sustainability.

Stay Connected

Relationships are vital, which is why we encourage sponsors to send letters and photos by logging into the Sponsor Dashboard. If you do not already have a Dashboard account, you will be given access to the Dashboard once you complete the sponsorship of a child.  Annual updates of your child will also be provided.


Why do some children need sponsorship for basic needs and shelter?

All children in our Sponsorship Program require sponsorship for Basic Needs.  Some children who are a part of our program need an alternative living situation with a loving caregiver to watch over them. Children typically qualify for sponsorship providing SHELTER for one of the following reasons:

  • A child resides in an area without access to a quality school and/or lives in a home environment not conducive to academic, emotional or spiritual growth. Sponsorship covering SHELTER provides these children with supervised student housing during the school year.

  • A child has been abandoned, orphaned, or is experiencing severe abuse. Sponsorship covering SHELTER provides these children year-round housing with a trusted caregiver.

Through our partnership with Bombo Pentecostal Church, we strive to ensure every child is placed in a loving home and guided by teachers and spiritual leaders who will equip them with the tools they need to thrive.

What additional care do children with sponsorship covering shelter receive?

Children who qualify for sponsorship covering SHELTER are placed in an alternative living situation in one of the following forms:

  • Long-term board and care at a school campus during the school year 

  • Full-time housing at our Life Home Village, a year-round home which provides a surrogate family for children who have been abandoned, orphaned, or rescued from severe abuse

  • Foster care with a loving church family

All living situations include supervised care, evening and weekend meals (as well as meals provided at the school through their first sponsorship), clean water, utilities, and any transportation.

Because costs vary for each living situation, we have established an average level of support for each child, rather than multiple or sliding support levels that could change year to year. Surplus funds from children in lower cost housing is used to supplement sponsorship funding for children in higher cost housing. 

Regardless of a child’s living situation, Align will ensure that each child with sponsorship for SHELTER receives the housing, supervision, food, clean water, utilities, and transportation he or she needs in order to foster an environment that supports academic, emotional, and spiritual growth.

How often will I receive updates on my sponsored child?
You are able to view annual updates and write a message to your sponsored child by logging into the Sponsor Dashboard. If you do not already have a Dashboard account, you will be given access to the Dashboard once you complete the sponsorship of a child.  
How do I provide my sponsored child with a special gift for Christmas?

Each year we collect donations through our Christmas in Uganda campaign. Support raised is pooled together and used to bless all the children and single mothers in our Sponsorship Program with special gifts and festivities for the holiday. More information about Christmas in Uganda will be sent out starting in September.  Please contact us at if you would like to receive information about our Christmas in Uganda campaign this year.  

How long does sponsorship last?

We serve the poorest of the poor and school tuition is unaffordable for the parent(s) of children in our program. Because of this, nearly all children in our Sponsorship Program are behind academically. We ask our sponsors to commit to supporting children through college or trade school, regardless of the child’s age. We understand, however, that unforeseen hardships may arise. If for any reason you are unable to continue supporting your child or single mother, please contact

How do I help my sponsored child pursue education beyond high school?

Maintining sponsorship through college or trade school is the best way to support your sponsored child academically and will cover most costs associated with higher learning.  If you would like to assist with unmet costs for higher levels of schooling, you can make a separate donation to our Scholarship Program.  The Scholarship Program provides students who have given consistent effort in school, been active in the community, and proven to be individuals of character with scholarships toward college or a trade school. Godly men and women are given the life changing opportunity to further their education as they are empowered to impact their community for generations to come. We also provide opportunities for adults seeking training in a specific trade or training program. Please visit our Scholarship Program page to learn more.