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We hope this letter finds you and your family well in the midst of the Coronavirus. Sadly COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on those we love, both here and in Uganda. In the United States, we have lost twenty-five sponsorships for both Ewange and Life with Hope due to economic hardship. And in Uganda, hunger continues to be a pressing need primarily due to the corruption and lack of structure in the Government to appropriately care for their impoverished communities.

Below you will find descriptions of the lives of a few of our younger children who need sponsorship. We ask that you read their stories and pray about becoming one of their new sponsors. Just $35 each month will provide one of these children with either Life With Hope or Ewange sponsorship. Life with Hope sponsorship provides for food and clothing, basic medical and mental health care, quality primary and secondary  schooling and school supplies. Ewange sponsorship covers housing, supervision, supplementary food and other necessities close to the Life Health Center in Bombo for certain children who need this additional assistance. If you find the child you would like to help has already been chosen by another Align supporter, please do read the stories of other children up for sponsorship by clicking here. We also ask that you forward this on to your friends, family and church if you think they might be moved to help during this time of urgent need. A heartfelt WEEBALE ("thank you" in Lugandan) from those of us who serve here and abroad, and those we serve!


Kato Lameka before

Kato Lameka today

When we found him: Kato is one of the highest risk children we've ever come across. He was six years old, and HIV+ at the time he and his family were brought to our attention in 2016. His HIV+mother and stepfather were so ill and weak from the disease that they struggled simply to get food for themselves and their son to eat each day. Kato was therefore severely malnourished, and his body was covered in a rash from an HIV infection. In addition, he was suffering from medical neglect, and he had a painful growth on his stomach. Fast forward to today: Kato is now ten years old, and is growing and thriving in our Life Home Village! He moved there in 2017, and loves his new brothers and sisters. Kato regularly attends Donela School Bombo, and is in Primary 2 Class (second grade). He is also doing well emotionally and spiritually, and is a natural born leader. Please pray about becoming Kato's new Life With Hope and/or Ewange sponsor so he can grow into the man God designed him to be. Click here to sponsor Kato.

When we found her: Faith was a sweet, four-year-old girl who was living with her mother, Rukia Mbabazi, and her older brother, Bush Patrick (16 years old) in 2018. Her HIV+ mother was working in our Donela School kitchen in Bombo, when she learned she was suffering from Stage 4 cancer. Her mother's weakened state made it very difficult for her to care for Faith properly, so her older brother provided for them as much as he was able. The cancer spread very quickly and her mother soon passed.

Fast forward to today: Faith will soon turn six years old, and is so happy to be in our Life Home Village! She loves being the youngest girl in her  Home, and always wants to help her House Mother. Being in such a supportive environment has helped Faith come to terms with the passing of her mother. She is currently in "Top Class" (Kindergarten) at Donela School in Bombo. Faith is also doing well emotionally and spiritually, and enjoys being in the Children's Choir at Bombo Pentecostal Church. Please consider becoming her new Life With Hope and/or Ewange sponsor so she can continue on her path to full growth, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Click here to sponsor Faith.

Jessica Nakabugo before
Jessica Nakabugo today

When we found her: Jessica had been abandoned by both parents soon after we met her. Her father lost his job, and because he could no longer care for his family, he left. Her mother then remarried and went to live somewhere else leaving Jessica an orphan. A neighbor started to take care of her, but we learned that Jessica's Life with Hope support was divided among the entire family members which left her lacking in care. All that she had been through left Jessica emotionally traumatized and at risk physically. Fast forward to today: Jessica will turn 14 years old this year, and is doing so well in our Life Home Village! She moved there two years ago and does not let her past bring her down. Jessica's spiritual life helps her to cope with everything she has endured so far in her life; she loves going to church and praying to Jesus. With the help of our counseling of ce and her involvement in our monthly discipleship program, her emotional health has greatly improved. Jessica attends Donela School in Bombo, and is in now Primary 4 Class (fourth grade) where she is a focused student. She is so hardworking, and loves helping both at school and at home. Won't you please consider sponsoring this sweet girl so that she can continue living her life with confidence and hope? Click here to sponsor Jessica.