Over a decade of fighting poverty and transforming lives.

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Our Mission

Align International Mission Statement

We are a ministry committed to help people throughout the world come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, even in the most desperate of circumstances, and believe every person, regardless of their race, religion, gender or political beliefs is entitled to basic health, nutrition and clean water.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Align International Life Homes

Life Homes

A safe place for children that have been abandoned, orphaned or rescued from severe abuse.

Donela Schools

Our schools are committed to raise a Godly generation and provide a quality affordable education.


Clean water, daily meals, medical/ mental-health care, and education for widows and children in need.

Scholarship Program

Higher learning opportunities for students who have overcome adversity with a strong faith, upstanding character and commitment to academics.

Align International Life Homes

With Your Help

4 homes built to provide a safe haven for orphaned/ abused children.
Over 275 lives transformed through sponsorship.
Over 2000 children given a quality education through Donela Schools.