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We at Align are blown away by how God showed up through each of you who helped with our
Virtual Fundraiser. We are so blessed by the volunteers, silent auction donors & bidders, scholarship donors, and prayer warriors. We have received almost all of the donations committed, and are happy to report every one of our candidates has received enough funding to attend pre-university or trade school! A huge WEEBALE from Align and our Bombo Pentecostal Church partners in Uganda.


In case you missed it, Don Herr has recently stepped down as CEO of Align International so that he and Elaine can spend more time with family and making new friends in Texas. Our new CEO Erica Estrella has surrounded herself with individuals to keep Align on track to meet our mission: helping marginalized people gain access to daily food, clean water, basic healthcare and education - all to God's glory. Below we introduce you to her Management Team. Each one is serving as a volunteer at Align International.

Lisa Halloran - Operations

Lisa worked as a paralegal for 6 years before taking a position at the Corporate Office of Taco Bell. She spent the next 24+ years in management positions within the Risk Management and Finance Administration teams. At the end of 2016, she retired and began devoting more time to volunteer with Align, working primarily with the Sponsorship Program and on the Leadership Team. For many years, she looked forward to devoting more time to God’s work. She has realized that working in a corporate environment prepared her to do just that. She is humbled and grateful to be able to be His hands and feet in helping to accomplish His work in Uganda.

Lisa Halloran with her husband Mark and children Kevin and Paige

Joe Jackson - Business Management

Joe spent close to 35 years in the aerospace industry working in engineering as well as program and functional management roles. Upon retiring in 2016, he and his wife Barbara joined Align's Board of Directors. In 2017 he started helping with the planning, budgeting and management of Align's projects and programs carried out by BPC in Uganda. He has since taken on the business management of Align’s stateside activities. Joe loves and appreciates how Align partners with the locals in their community, relying on their insight and wisdom to best address the issues of poverty and faith. He is humbled by the caliber, commitment, and especially the faith of the people who work for BPC in Uganda. Joe always feels blessed when visiting Uganda and seeing the projects with BPC come to fruition and transforming lives.

Joe and Barbara Jackson with their children Robby and Jenna - Align Gala 2019

Barbara Jackson - Donor Relations & Communications

While getting her masters in Applied Linguistics at UCLA, Barbara taught a variety of ESL classes to college students and other adults, primarily centered on writing. She then spent11 years working at the UCLA Medical Center and Medical Group in insurance contract negotiation and management. After joining the Board of Directors with Joe in 2016, she helped writing Align's Newsletters. Recently she has stepped into the role of Donor Relations, and has been working to increase Align's volunteer and donor base. Barbara has felt God's call on her family's involvement with Align since they met Alex and Millie in 2008. She loves seeing how He works to use all those involved in Align and BPC accomplish His work of caring for the impoverished and hopeless in Uganda.


You could make Christmas so special just by sending a simple email to your sponsored child/ren! Just log into into your account at: When sending a note, we recommend you tell them something about your life, and keep it encouraging, short, and simple. If you attach a photo, please be aware that the max file size is five MB. A response will be sent to the email address used to login to your Sponsor Pro file page. You can also login to your Sponsor Profile page and view the response by clicking on the image of the child you sponsor. Please note: responses may take up to six weeks due to the limited internet access in the communities we partner with. Thank you for loving those in need in Uganda!


COVID-19 in Africa

The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting that Africa must prepare
 or a second wave of COVID-19. Officials fear that there will be a huge hit to the economy this year - click here to see Reuters October 29, 2020 article. Others predict that there may be problems with hunger throughout the population, unless significant changes are made. There have been well over 15,000 cases in Uganda and almost 150 deaths. Millie Ojera reports: "It is believed from the number of people found positive whenever tests are carried out, that over 20% of the nation is infected. More and more people are getting obvious symptoms...and are advised to quarantine and treat themselves from home. Thankfully most of them recover...I personally know of four close people that have contracted COVID including Noah Migaire (who manages the Align-BPC Gethsemane Farm) and his family (they are now fully recovered)."

Ugandan Elections

The polling date for Ugandan presidential elections has been set for January 14, 2021. Sitting President Yoweri Museveni's strongest opponent may be pop star "Bobi Wine" (born Robert
Kyagulanyi Ssentamu) - click here for Africa News November 3, 2020 article. The 76-year-old Museveni has been in power for over 30 years, and the presidential elections have faced accusations of corruption over his tenure. Millie adds, "(The elections) are just annoying ...extremely commercialized as prospective candidates bribe voters with lots of taxpayers money... many more new positions have been introduced for the 2021 parliament. Each member of parliament earns 25 million Ugandan shillings per month (approximately  $6,700 USD) with loads of benefits on top...People are desperate to get this lucrative position so there's been lots of violence involved."


Millie reports: "It's pretty quiet. The locusts seem to have vanished. The locals were able to chase the last of them by making noise using their shouts along with beating of anything that could produce sound like saucepans, drums, etc. Uganda is feeling largely at peace in terms of locust invasions. Thanks for your prayers."

Seamstress Training Program

COVID-19 has not slowed our Seamstress Training Program down! Millie Ojera reports that they began their new session on October 5, and there are seven ladies enrolled. We thank Baycities Community Church in Lomita for their continued support, prayerfully and financially!


Millie Ojera recently emailed us the following:

* PRAISE God that our Donela School P7 and S4 candidates were able to return to school. We passed the Government's eligibility test to operate with adequate COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures. Many schools failed to do so - many others just shut down altogether. We are grateful to God for His miraculous sustenance of our schools and learners through this period.

* PRAY for safety in our communities as COVID- 19 infections are now very many, and increasing by hundreds on a daily basis. Medical facilities are now too full to take on new infections, so the infected have to quarantine and treat themselves from home.

* PRAY that loss of lives does not result as we head closer to elections. On a positive note, many born again Christians are standing for positions. Let's pray we get more godly and less selfish representation in parliament.


The holidays are just around the corner! Amazon has been offering some early Black Friday deals and it looks like they will keep it up through New Year's Day. If you sign up for Amazon Smile and choose Align International as your charity of choice, Amazon will donate a small percentage of your purchase total to Align. Just click here to sign up and continue giving to those in need in Uganda during Thanksgiving and Christmas -WEEBALE!